Make profit from your solar power plant

Alternative and future-oriented use of your industrial or commercial roof area

We help you become an energy producer

Climate-friendly and emission-free electricity with your private industrial power plant – implemented it now easily and professionally.
Secure your own power generation with Ampere Dynamic, your most reliable partner in Switzerland.

Customized power generation

The PV power plant tailored to your individual needs enables you to achieve a sustainable future independent of your energy supplier.

From concept to implementation

We take over the construction of your power plant for you, from conception to implementation and subsequent maintenance.

Individual financing

Secure your own independent power generation, upon wish even without having to worry about your own investment budget.

For a sustainable future together

Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050 promotes the construction of photovoltaic plants. Ampere Dynamic shows you the benefits.

Private consumption as principle

A private power plant is the best way to benefit from your otherwise unused roof area. Your risk of rising energy prices is reduced and the investment is usually amortized within a few years.

Every kilowatt hour of electricity produced on your roof and consumed by yourself does not have to be purchased at high cost and will remain available to you for at least 30 years.

A solar power plant designed for your own consumption is therefore not only an economically reasonable and a profitable investment, but also a contribution to the change to a more ecological and sustainable society.

Why your location is the right one:

  • You have an annual power consumption of more than 100,000 kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • You have a suitable roof area of at least 1,000 m²
  • You need a relevant part of your electricity during the day so that the sun can work for you
  • You want more independence and added value for your property through self-sufficiency

These are only basic assumptions on our part. We calculate each project individually and are looking forward to hearing from you. As a quality-oriented company from Switzerland, you can expect the highest possible industry standard from your project partners.

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