Self-Consumption as Credo

A power plant optimized for private consumption is the best way to benefit from your otherwise unused roof area. Your risk of rising energy prices is reduced and the investment is usually amortized within a few years.

Every kilowatt hour of electricity produced on your roof and consumed by yourself does not have to be purchased at high cost and benefits you for at least 30 years.

A solar power plant designed for internal consumption is therefore not only economically reasonable and a profitable investment, but also a contribution to the change to a more ecological and sustainable society.

Why there is no alternative for your private power plant

  • Your roof surface is no longer just protection against the weather, but now works for you, even on days with bad weather
  • From the time your power plant is commissioned, you reduce your daily energy purchase costs from the public grid
  • For every kilowatt hour of electricity not drawn from the grid, you not only save direct energy costs, but also the associated grid usage costs and grid fees
  • Through the individual design for your own consumption, we maximize the economic benefit of your investment
  • Finance your solar power plant with the electricity that you save from the moment you put it into operation
  • Reduce not only your energy costs, but also become more independent of future rising energy prices
  • Surplus electricity that you do not use yourself at the moment is automatically sold to the public grid
  • The service life of your solar power plant is over 30 years, which is far above your individual return of investment (ROI)
  • Your solar power plant is largely maintenance-free and causes hardly any recurring costs

Why your location is the right one

  • You have an annual power consumption of more than 100,000 kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • You have a suitable roof area of at least 1,000 m²
  • You need a relevant part of your electricity during the day so that the sun can work for you
  • You want more independence and added value for your property through self-sufficiency

Let us lay the foundation for your economic and sustainable future together with your own PV power plant.

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