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What you can expect

With a PV power plant tailored to your individual needs, you can create a sustainable future that is more independent of your energy supplier.

Together with you, Ampere Dynamic designs the power plant that is perfectly tailored to you and your requirements. As experts for private consumption solar power plants in the sector industry & trade, we stand for careful planning and ready-to-use construction. We negotiate in your interest with the authorities and funding agencies and ensure a smooth commissioning as well as handover of your power plant without affecting your daily core business.

We are your personal all-round service from one source.

Your advantages at a glance

If your business fits our approach, you will benefit from

an amortization period of a few years

a high return on your investment

partial autarky from your network operator

a permanent reduction of electricity costs

a hedge against rising electricity prices

an increase in the value of your property

a positive sustainable image

of your contribution to the conservation of nature

Advantages in detail

Internal consumption

Our guideline is the highest possible profitability and the use of your roof without alternative.

We only build power plants for companies that can also consume the electricity locally at their location, because that is the ecological and economic purpose of solar power. Every kilowatt hour (kWh for short) that you produce yourself on your roof reduces your electricity costs considerably. This is because the electricity produced from the sun is used directly to supply your property.

If there are times when you cannot immediately consume the electricity you produce yourself, it is fed into the grid and you receive an attractive feed-back compensation.

Through solar power, you make a significant contribution to sustainable management, improve your CO2 balance, thereby promoting the future-oriented image of your company and increasing your economic profit.


Your power plant is individually adapted to your needs and optimized for maximum internal consumption.

Solar power plants optimized for private consumption are much more economical than if you feed the majority of the electricity you produce directly into the grid. This is because you only receive a fraction of the electricity price charged for the purchase of electricity as compensation for feeding electricity into the grid. Surplus electricity that you cannot consume or store yourself is also sold automatically.

The solar industry has established itself as an essential resource-saving energy source and has developed into a global billion-dollar market in recent years. As a result, the costs for modules and inverters have fallen massively in the last ten years.

The refinancing period of an industrial solar power plant already is only a few years.*


Solar power is not only an economic investment in the company, but is also used in a positive and public-effective way.

The versatility and importance of this topic has been driven to the forefront over the last decade. Even though the term is represented in many ways and can be renamed at will, its relevance is fortunately undisputed.

There is hardly an industry anymore that is not confronted with sustainability requirements in its core business on the customer or supplier side. Well-known corporations have formulated decarbonization strategies in their mission statements. Most corporate mission statements already build the topic into their foundation.

Politics and various economic alliances show through concrete target formulations and subsidies how essential the resource-saving energy source must be integrated into everyday economic life.

A private solar power plant is a relevant measure to improve one’s own footprint and to make an environmentally relevant contribution.

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