Your Financing

For a successful project without personal investment

Everyone can afford a solar power plant, because the short amortization period is often supported by outside capital.

We would be happy to structure the appropriate financing for you within our broad network of Swiss financing institutions, or coordinate accordingly with your bank. This is done, of course, without additional costs or commissions.

Financing & Funding

The Confederation and your canton provide support in the form of subsidies, banks with the appropriate financing.


To finance your power plant, you won't exceed the costs that you currently pay to your energy supplier.

The electricity cost savings from your own production are more than sufficient to refinance your entire power plant.

From the first day after commissioning, your electricity bill will drop because you now generate a relevant part of your electricity yourself.

If you do not wish to finance the power plant from your own capital, the cash flow released can be converted into a leasing rate. This means that you will have the same costs during the financing period as you currently pay on your electricity bill. With the last installment, the power plant becomes your property and from this point on you have no more costs for electricity from your own roof.

If you do not wish to take advantage of additional lines of financing, Ampere Dynamic will invest in your power plant itself and provide you with solar power in the future at favorable conditions in the form of an operator model.


For a sustainable future together

With the Energy Strategy 2050, Switzerland wants to structure its national electricity market in a CO₂-neutral way.

For this reason, the federal government as well as the cantons and municipalities are supporting the construction of solar power plants with substantial investment subsidies. We constantly monitor the subsidy situation and find the best possible subsidies for you.

In addition, we handle the entire promotion process for you.

As a strong partner at your side, we assure you of the specific amount of subsidy in writing before signing the contract.

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