Your Technology

Your energy solution

Always at the cutting edge, we use without exception the best and most durable components available on the market with series-proven technological progress and certifications.

The following is an overview of the most important components used in your solar power plant. The specific manufacturers are explicitly evaluated and selected by us for your roof at the time of your inquiry.



Produce direct current from sunlight with optimal design for your roof area, your requirements and your power needs.



Converts the direct current (DC) from the solar modules into usable alternating current (AC) for feeding into your operating grid.

Data Manager

Data Manager

As an energy manager, it networks all plant components and supplies the relevant data and measured values to your cloud-based SMA monitoring.


Monitoring & Remote Maintenance

Enables you to access, manage and monitor your solar power plant anytime, anywhere through cloud connectivity.



Shows your customers and employees in the reception area that you are contributing to the energy revolution and the amount of your electricity needs you produce yourself.

Your energy system in detail

Learn more about how your energy solution is structured and how the individual system components interact

Your solar power plant, your advantage

Alternative use of your roof area with high profitability. Reduce your electricity costs and make a contribution to the energy revolution.

Producing solar power

Produce your own electricity with free energy provided by the sun

Internal consumption

Consume your own solar power and protect yourself from rising energy prices


Very high returns possible and fast ROI (Return on Investment)

Ecological contribution

Sustainably reduce electricity costs and promote the energy revolution

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